Stephen Abela

Using technical skills, knowledge and passion as the
fundamentals behind every project.
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Creativity is a way of life

Being a creative is about more than talent and skill set,
It is about how you live your life and the decisions you make.
The Flickering of Light

The Flickering of Light

Maltese Heart



Love Through the Line

Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Card

A Journey Through the Alps

Dippin’ Dots

Timereel Documentaries

The dedication and attention to detail in his work is impressive.


A very calming influence, even under pressure.

Timereel Studios
Life through a lens

Seeing every moment as a single instant whilst being able to capture fragments of that magic are what produces the most compelling art, photography and film.

Time and resources

Managing a team or working on a personal project always comes with restrictions but these are only a few parts of the puzzle.

Designing the World

There are great deal of theories, rules and best practices in design but the simplest one, the one to always abide by is to enjoy the work you do.

Technical skills

Working in the creative sector means being dynamic: from writing copy, directing shoots, to managing resources. It is all part of the process and the skills used to produce the best work.

Coding the future

The world around us keeps moving forwards, sometimes at a dizzying rate but pushing the boundaries of what is possible is simply what makes each day interesting.


As a Creative Director you are a coach, a teacher, an instructor, and a critic all at once but most of all you are a great communicator.

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